Piotr Sienkiewicz

Education: University of  the West Indies, Faculty of Natural Sciences
Uniwersity of Warsaw – MSc. in Physics
Executive MBA z WEMBA Uniwersity of Minnessota and SGH

Piotr Sienkiewicz is cofounder of MSP, first commercial software distributor in Poland (responsible for finance management, marketing, logistics, investment coordination). Piotr also cofounded, with tech guru Esther Dyson among others, Polands first Internet provider and Internet application developer, Polska OnLine. Piotr has also been an investor in the polish Blue Laser, a world class technology for producing quality solid state, GaN based blue light emitting lasers for a broad range of applications.

Awards: INFOSTAR Man of the Year in category Business – Info Star ’93 award of the Polish Informatics Society, for Outstanding Business Achievements


Piotr Sienkiewicz


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Waldemar Sielski

Education: Uniwersity of Warsaw – MSc. in mathematics
Postgraduate studies at Studium Handlu Zagranicznego, SGPiS

Professional experience in  UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and Olivetti. General Director in Microsoft Sp. z o.o.- created Microsoft Corporation Polish office. Former Vice-Chairman of The Program Committee at 3rd Polish Information Congress. Member of management boards of: Multis Sp.  z o.o., Gruper Sp. z o.o., Suntech S.A., Sport Medica S.A.

Awards:   INFOSTAR ’99  in category Business –  award of the Polish Informatics Society, for Outstanding Business Achievements


Waldemar Sielski

Investment Committee Member

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Jan Kukliński

Ph.D in Teoretical Phisics at Polish Academy of Science

Currently lectures at l’Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de l’Universite de Lausanne, Switzerland.
Co-founder and CEO of OPTIX Tech Inc. (USA), Partner in ventures capital fund QMT. From year 2006 to year 2011 cooperating with SunTrust RH Capital Markets, Minuteman Quantitative Consulting LLC, Reech AIM Suisse (Volcano Hedge Fund) and Lexington Quantitative Services Inc.
Currently at CRISIL Global Research and Analytics, London Office.


Dr Jan Rafał Kukliński

Investment Committee Member
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